Josefina was born in Czechoslovakia,  
where she lived and studied economics (Master of Science degree in Prague),  
and ceramics (for ceramist Ivan Jelinek). She then moved to England (ceramics  
studies for David Leach) and to Sweden (sculpture studies for G. Stacy and V. Stoces).  

In her work, Josefina uses clay
(terracotta and raku) as well as metal, mostly bronze. She works at different
foundries in Sweden and in Oman. Her bronzes are made by using two techniques: 
 sandcasting and ceramic-skin casting. She comes from the area with a very 
 long tradition of glassmaking and her work involves more and more glass.

In 2009 she participated in the exhibition "Glass link Stockholm - Praha",  
which presented Swedish glass of the 20th century.  
In 2010 her work was selected from 470 entries from 39 countries for one of the most prestigious glass exhibition - "The international Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa 2010".  


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